‘If art is a mirror to society, then education is the toolbox for building the future.’

Khandaker Mashiuzzaman (Romel)

Welcome to the Peoples Group. For over thirty-five years, we have been providing quality services in a diverse number of business domains such as energy, agriculture, shipping, civil engineering, garments, consultancy, and more.

A ‘virtuous cycle of business’ is our mantra – it’s the essence of what drives us. It signifies a cycle of innovation, operations, and quality that leads to businesses that are ultimately beneficial to society. I, along with our management team, welcome you to explore the multitude of services on hand.

We look forward to your getting in touch with us – let us undertake a journey together to discover our virtual cycle.

Khandaker Mashiuzzaman (Romel)

Chairman & Managing Director
Peoples Group

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