“Supply always comes on the heels of demand.”

– Robert Collier  

Peoples Shipping has been chartering petroleum for Meghna Petroleum Ltd. and Jamuna Oil Company since 2011 under a charter agreement with their parent company, Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC). With two of the largest inland oil tankers currently operating in Bangladesh – each with a capacity of 2,000 Tonnes – Peoples has been chartering oil to help the Government of Bangladesh in developing its various projects.

Peoples Shipping serves the storage and marine transportation needs of our customers through our port terminal, river barge and coastal operations. We focus on providing our customers with integrated transportation, storage and other related services via our port facilities, a versatile fleet of dry- and liquid-cargo barges, and our tankers. Peoples Shipping’s mission is to serve the needs of a number of rapidly-growing local industries, including mineral- and grain-commodity providers, as well as users of refined petroleum products.

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